He’s so stupid HAHAHAHA I love you !

-Admin Z,

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I’ve got a thing for the beautiful shape of this guy’s eyes…

- Admin H.

Let’s focus on Zico’s sex hair and eyes. Your eyes are porn, baby.

- Admin R

Going crazy because of your tongue. srsly.  

[Gif credit to owner]

- Admin R

Come here and let me kiss you~

- Admin H

You can’t be so damn sexy when you’re eating. You can’t.

- Admin R

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If you see this and don’t think he’s one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen you’re probably lying

- Admin H

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It’s like suits were made for you, jfc 

. Admin H

Please… don’t stop.

- Admin H.

That neck of his…

- Admin H

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For Admin H…

So this isn’t really pervy at all, but Himchan looks so hot here, don’t you think?

I was just planning on gif’ing the hell out of that~ 

At the start of the video he looks so dorky and hot at the same time, you’d think I would’ve gotten used to these mixed feelings by now but NOOOOPE.

Later he appears with just a plain black T-shirt and I’ll be damned if I don’t think he’s the hottest creature on this planet. He doesn’t even need to show much skin to drive me crazy…

And words can’t really express how much I adore his voice. 


- Admin B

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You know very well that I can’t resist your sex hair, yet you just really don’t care.

- Admin H.

Wouldn’t mind helping you out of all those layers of clothes…

- Admin H

One adorable baby about to hit another~

- Admin H

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Can we just take a moment to bring this back.
- Admin H

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